Flying Man Races Airbus (What???)

This is one of those news stories that just sits there thumbing its nose at everybody.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the pilots of Airbus 320, descending to land at Manchester Airport, were “stunned” when a flying man zipped past their airplane at 3,500 feet ( ).

No, they did not see a flying saucer. They saw a flying man. They estimated he came within 100 meters of the plane. Nobody saw a parachute, a balloon, a wire, or a magic carpet. We are not told whether any of the passengers saw the flying man, who was in view only “fleetingly,” the pilots said.

Don’t you love this story? It’s better than the one about the guy who attached a multitude of helium balloons to his lawn chair and went way up into the sky and freaked out airplane pilots and passengers. That turned out to be true. But doing it with balloons is one thing. Just being a flying man with no visible means of support or propulsion–well, that’s another.

Don’t bother to suspect those Airbus pilots of lying. Handing in a report that you saw a flying man at 3,500 feet is not a resume enhancement. I’m surprised the pilots mentioned it at all.

But what does it mean? Who was the flying man? How did he get up there–or was he just on his way down from somewhere else? Was he really flying, or just falling? But radar checks failed to pick up any sign of anything up there other than the Airbus.

Where is Charles Fort when you need him?

I was going to try to make a hypothesis about this incident, but it’s just too strange. We’ll have to wait until a lot more flying men are seen.

Somehow that’s not a thought that makes me comfortable.


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