Osteen’s Blather Factory

Joel Osteen buttresses his false teaching with “stories” that supposedly prove his point.

Here’s one cited by Hank Hanegraaff in The Osteenification of American Christianity. He has taken it from a book by Osteen, Become a Better You–which sounds like a parody, but it isn’t.

In this yarn, Osteen tells of “an interesting study done in 1993 by the United States military… Researchers extracted some white blood cells from a volunteer and they carefully paced them in a test tube. They then put a probe from a lie-detector machine down in that test tube, to measure the person’s emotional response. Next, they instructed this same volunteer to go to a couple of doors down and watch some violent scenes from an old war movie on television. When this man watched the scenes, even though the blood that was being tested was in another room, when he got all uptight and tense, that lie detector test shot off the page. It was detecting his emotional response even though the blood was no longer in his body.” (Osteenification, pgs. 18-19)

He’s gotta be kidding, right? I mean, this is the kind of thing you hear on the playground from other kids when you’re all in the 4th grade. It also reminds me of the night my wife and I heard a drunken man patiently explaining to a pool parlor owner that “it was guns that killed off the dinosaurs.”

What kind of nincompoop do you have to be, to believe a tale like this? And what kind of adult has the chutzpah to tell it in a published book purported to be non-fiction–“religious,” even?

Joel, baby, you’re walking on thin ice. I don’t think God likes it when idiotic fish-stories are told in His name.

Better repent while you can.

4 comments on “Osteen’s Blather Factory

  1. I think TV raised people and now social mediad the same will now believe anything, except maybe for possibly 5% . The problem is they are so busy continually gobbling tripe that they never have time to actually think anything out. Their brains are plain flat. Our TV is only on for some sports. But Andrew got a good dose of it with his Mom before she passed. Example-not long ago he was telling me that the Ford pickup Eco Boost engine was the best in the universe. Best mileage anywhere. Where did he get that? Don’t know-but on some media somewhere. Last week, he saw an add for GM on a sportscast. The add crowed that this GM engine got netter “mieage” than Ford’s eco boost. Immediately he now believes that. I could no how no way make him understand that both companies will top their own products. Beyond his ability to comprehend. Can’t see it. In his eighteenth year, yet.

    Is this dangerous? I think so. Dave

  2. The most dangerous and sorrowful thing about this man,is he is leading many to Hell.I have family members who believe this man to be of God.When my husband and I tell them the true Gospel of Jesus Christ,they cannot bear to hear it.Word of Faith teaching is so,so wrong!

  3. He even believes that the best life can be had here on earth, which is totally outrageous.
    The only best life is to be had in Heaven with Jesus.

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