More Cultural Decay

So we went to the supermarket this morning to buy our weekly groceries; and, lo and behold, the whole frozen aisle, for the length of the store, was nothing but empty shelves. No ice cream, no frozen fruit, nothing.

What happened? We asked. It seems the night crew didn’t bother to do one of its basic jobs that it’s supposed to do every night. Because they didn’t do it, the whole section iced up and then began to melt all over the floor. So the store not only loses a big chunk of its inventory, but also loses the money it would have made selling the inventory.

What were those guys doing all night? They weren’t doing the work they’re paid for. The store manager ought to fire the whole lot of them

Then we came home. We pay to park in a private parking lot. There was a strange car in my wife’s parking space–a real beauty, with cracks in the body and pieces of the bumper coming off.

Two people were in it, sleeping. Who were they? No one who lives anywhere around here. Why were they sleeping in a car, in a strange parking lot, at noontime? Like they owned the place!

That’s a lot of odd behavior to observe in just one morning. But I have a bad feeling that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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    1. Just tell them you used to have one but can’t find it. Pretend you’re illegal and they’ll give you a new one or honor the lost one!

      I’m curious. What happened to the sleeping duo in Patty’s parking space?

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