When TV Personalities Spout Gibberish

Remember, back in 2011, there was a spate of TV reporters, live and on the air, uncontrollably spouting gibberish? ( http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/judge-judy-the-4th-to-talk-gibberish-on-air/ ) The most famous victim of this mysterious affliction, was Judge Judy, who aborted a taping session because all that would come out of her mouth was nonsense. Judge Judy was immediately taken to a hospital and thoroughly examined. Doctors were unable to find any cause for what had happened to her.

There’s video, all over the internet, of this happening to reporters in and out of the studio–all of it at roughly the same time. Various explanations came and went. Reporter was having a mini-stroke; about to have a stroke; a mild epileptic seizure; some rare kind of migraine. None of these stuck. A few commenters suggested that someone was doing this on purpose, using experimental technology to interfere with the victim’s ability to function mentally. That didn’t stick, either.

So yesterday I found myself reading a novel in which the members of a scientific team working on a top-secret missile project, one by one become unable to talk anything but gibberish. Naturally I thought of that spate of on-air gibbering in 2011.

The book was written in 1957: The Electronic Mind Reader, a Rick Brant Science Adventure by John G. Blaine, the pen name for Hal Goodwin.

Goodwin, who during his career worked for just about every government agency you can think of, was on the cutting edge of his era’s technology. His Rick Brant books are full of insights into the electronics wizardry of the time–which was a lot more sophisticated than you might think.

The point is, Hal Goodwin was very well-informed and knew what he was talking about. In 1957 he described something that we didn’t see until 2011. I haven’t finished the book yet, so I don’t know how the bad guys made this happen–but what was Goodwin on to? I’m sure he wouldn’t have used his books to leak official secrets. But was there someone in 1957 who had found a way to foul up your brain by remote control? Imagine a hand-held device–something that maybe looks like a video camera–that gets pointed at you and suddenly you can’t express a coherent thought anymore. Would that be scary, or what?

Check out the link above, and watch the videos. Watch what happens to those poor reporters as they try to speak.


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  1. Huh, that was *really* weird. It strongly reminds me of the part near the end of ‘That Hideous Strength’ … well, if you’ve ever read it you’ll probably remember what I’m talking about. A Tower of Babel sort of scenario.

    1. That Hideous Strength is my favorite C.S. Lewis book outside of Narnia, and the “Babel” incident is my favorite scene.

      Then again, if you listen very attentively to what our Experts and Wise Men and Exalted Leaders say, it might as well be gibberish.

    1. Sometimes lapsing into gibberish is a symptom of a treatable medical problem–don’t ask me which one! But in Judge Judy’s case, for one, there was no detectable medical problem, and the mystery remains unsolved.

  2. I’ve heard of this happening, and although I haven’t witnessed it, I’ve heard a lot of gibberish being spouted by the lame stream media in actual complete thought sentences!

  3. And does anyone remember when this happened to Al Roker on camera as soon as ‘Holy Ghost’ was mentioned?

    1. Wow! Very strange! I never saw that clip before. When I stopped watching TV news, Al Roker was twice as wide as he is in that clip. “Leave room for the Holy Ghost” seemed to turn him into stone.
      As I recall it, Roker was a fairly normal guy until he hopped onto the Obama bandwagon. Then his morals and his intellect, perceiving he had no further use for them, departed.

    2. It almost seemed like a hypnotic trigger word. Very odd. And he maintained that frozen state for a considerable time – on camera!

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