New Fantasy by Y.B. Sane Already Rated Best of 21st Century

New York Times best-selling author Y.B. Sane has done it again: his newest Young Adults fantasy, The Spiritual Spirits, is a triumph.

Join Rubella, the 9-year-old Invincible Female Warrior, as she slashes and thrusts and kung-fus her way through rank after rank of able-bodied adult male bad guys in her quest to save the world called Oith from sure destruction.

And if that weren’t enough, the publishers, Coldsore Books, have provided a game and contests accessible via a special website you can find out about after you buy a copy of The Spiritual Spirits. You can also, on the website, discover your own Spiritual Magic Number, which will prevent anything  bad from ever happening to you.

But it’s the story that’s really compelling. An evil conspiracy called The Choich has vowed to conquer all Oith and then destroy it. Their first attack wiped out all but scattered opposition. These few brave souls have rallied around the wise, loveable sorceress, Genderama, and, guided by her loveable wisdom, have identified the young Rubella as a spiritual powerhouse able to give the Choich a dose of its own medicine.

We especially marveled at her many rescues of her 21-year-old male soul-mate, Loola, whose penchant for swooning makes him easy prey for the enemy. However, Loola is able to tap into the Power of the Earth Spirit–but to tell you any more would be to spoil it.

The American Library Assn. has already named The Spiritual Spirits one of its Top Ten Young Adult Fiction Novels of the millenium.

6 comments on “New Fantasy by Y.B. Sane Already Rated Best of 21st Century

  1. For years, young people have feasted on stories based on the imminent destruction of the whole earth, BUT, there is “only one man” who arrives just in time to save everything and everybody, and all is saved. I have seen these stories as mind controlling, brain washing preparation for the anti Messiah, who really will seem to be the savior of the world, for “who can fight against the beast”….He will bring peace for a time, arriving on the “white horse” to establish “righteous rule” for all mankind. As if these fanciful stories were not enough, now women are playing that role, and not just women, but child-women at that. I never bought it when the hero was male, neither do I buy it in the persona of a female. There is one who is in control, and He will not share His glory with ANYONE.

    1. Erlene, my dear fellow-soldier, it lacerates my heart every day to see what is being done to our country and our culture by those whose duty is to uphold and defend it. As a lover of fantasy, the uses to which it is put, these days, drive me up the wall.

      Satire is one of the few outlets open to me, and “The Spiritual Spirits” is a parody, making fun of the kind of books being fobbed off on young readers.

  2. The funny thing is, I didn’t realise it was a parody at first. I thought this thing actually existed, heh. O_o

    Keep an eye out for more upcoming masterpieces, such as the new trilogy called “Her Light Spirituals”, written by Lucy Fur.

    It begins thus: A peace-loving forest kingdom of fairy-pixies called May-Tree-Archs is overrun by several evil war-like tribes which banded together for the purpose – the Entaked Famleers which are led by the Lords of the Rings (which in their darkness binds them). In the ensuing years of domintion and servitude, a young pixie-slave, Develya, seeks to overthrow her Lords by tricking them into fighting amongst themselves, as they has always done before. But the secret lies in their Rings – can she discover it in time to save her poor downtrodden sisters ?

    I think even Y.B. Sane may have some competition in the 21st century!

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