What We Wouldn’t’ve Thought Of, but God Did


If our smartest scientists and our cleverest politicians had had the job of creating the world–a thought engendering almost unimaginable horror–there is a lot they never would have thought of including in it.

Consider some of the extras which God included in His creation, none of which would ever have occurred to any human being.

1. Beauty. Look at a spider web in the grass in the morning, festooned with dew-drops that glisten like pearls, and consider your response to it. Probably you are struck by its beauty. That response is a gift from God. I can’t imagine it having any of that “evolutionary survival value” they’re always going on about in National Geographic specials. Cows while grazing probably see a lot of dewy spider webs. Do you think they appreciate the beauty? Read any nice odes by cows lately?

2. Food and Drink that tastes good and really satisfies. For me it’s fried scallops. How did the Lord ever think of making scallops taste like this? And don’t say it’s the chef, not God: replace the scallops with chunks of pineapple, and there’s nothing the cook can do to make them taste the same. But of course pineapple can be delightful, too.

If humans had been in charge of creation, realizing that you need food to stay alive, they would have created food designed for that purpose. Imagine how blah that would be! Nor would scientists have bothered with the incalculable diversity of taste and color and texture, etc. It would all be this grey gel that keeps us able to fog a mirror–not that I’m trying to give the President’s Wife any more ideas to make school cafeteria food even more unappetizing.

3. Cats and Dogs that love us unconditionally. It doesn’t have Evolutionary Survival Value, so who needs the love of pets? No pug dog ever helped a cave man kill a mammoth, and there’d be no point in even suggesting it to a cat. But he is poor indeed who has never been loved by an animal! Only God–of whom it is written, “God is love”–would have ever thought of that.

God’s world is full of extras that we take for granted. But if we do try to listen to what these say, we begin to understand that they aren’t really extras, after all.

Look. Taste. Love. And listen: there is something here worth hearing.

9 comments on “What We Wouldn’t’ve Thought Of, but God Did

  1. That’s a beautiful picture!
    I do take exception to one part of your post: I’ve never known a cat who loved a human 😀 LOL
    But yes, all very good points. I’m constantly amazed at God’s creativity. Not that I should be; after all, He is the Creator!

    Sheep are super cute, but they’d never survive a day without humans around to protect them; where’s survival of the fittest there, eh little atheist?

    1. Laura, you couldn’t be more wrong about cats. We’ve had a number of cats over the years, and they have all loved us. The two we have now love us. Just because they won’t do what you want them to do doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

      I have had a great many pets, all my life, and I’m here to tell you that most animals reward your love with their love. You will never have the experience of having your mustache groomed by a mouse, but I have: she didn’t do that for just anybody.

  2. Great points, Lee.

    Even in its fallen state, this world is exceptionally beautiful and the beauty exists both in the large and the small.

    Food? Well, we have a lot more than Nutriloaf to choose from. This morning I had a simple, but taste filled breakfast and I’m looking forward to a lunch of apples, almonds, cheese and grapes. All simple, inexpensive and easy to obtain, but all of these items taste wonderful.

    As far as love is concerned; knowing that a certain little feline will greet me tonight makes my day a lot better. This morning, before I got out of bed, she laid down a couple of feet away from me, reached out placed her paw gently on my hand. I felt honored.

    Now to imagine that all of this happens with a species of animal that exists in abundance and asks little more than to be fed and receive minimal care; that is amazing. If you show nothing but gentleness to a cat they will return it in kind.

  3. Your description of what food would probably taste like if humans had been responsible for creating it puts me immediately in mind of tofu. Yuck!

    Our Loving Father has thought of simply everything for His Creation – even, I’m sure, things we haven’t even figured out yet 🙂 . A big bang could not produce what God did, no matter what Dawkins or Krause or DeGrasse-Tyson have to say.

  4. Very thought-provoking. Anyone truly filled with the Holy Spirit is never bored. God’s creation is so amazing!! Everything is creation is singing but most of its vibrations are beyond human detection. Have you ever seen an electron microscope picture of ordinary beach sand? – so beautiful. Question for Lee: Have you ever tried vaping?

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