How Liberals Make Human Life Unliveable

Want to kill your culture dead? Simply set up a lot more colleges and universities than the country will ever need, staff them with insane liberal wackos, and, at great cost, fill them with millions of not-very-bright students with no particular bent for scholarship.

And just to make sure the stake goes through the heart, partner the colleges with labor unions.

F’rinstance: Student employees at the University of Washington are preparing to vote on “whether hurting someone’s feelings should be ‘grievable’ under their union’s contract with the school” ( ). The union representing teaching assistants, administrative aides, and other college gofers who have never once set foot inside an auto factory is the United Auto Workers.

The key sticking point in the negotiations is whether these tender souls must be protected from any word, thought, or deed that might possibly offend them. The union wants this stuff to be “grievable”–meaning that if you’re one of these fragile flowers and your feelings get hurt, the school has to give you money and punish the ogre who bruised your feelings.

The goal is to root out “microaggression.”

Huh? What in the world is that? Well, it’s “unconscious bias,” or “unintended discrimination” which, even if the enemy of the human race has no awareness that he is being exclusive or homophobic or racist or whatevuh, “has the same effect as conscious, intended discrimination.”

This is the coming thing, a spokeswoman for the UAW said–“the next level of discourse in this country around racism, sexism, and homophobia.” It’ll make the campus “more inclusive,” too, whatever that means.

I grew up in a UAW household. I can’t imagine what has happened to that union.

Because all of the offenses of “microaggression” are done unconsciously, and without intent, virtually any human interaction may be seen as including some form of microaggression. Our cherished minorities can go on witch hunts all day long, guaranteed to bag somebody.

You won’t even know you’ve committed an offense until they bust you for it. Anything you say, anything you do–absolutely anything–might cost you your job, or whatever other penalty they make up as they go along.

How will you prepare for this next level of discourse?

12 comments on “How Liberals Make Human Life Unliveable

  1. Hm. How will I prepare for this next level of discourse?

    With large-calibre firearms, and a great deal of ammunition, methinks. Perfect for hunting non-spayed and non-neutered liberals.

    1. We don’t actually endorse shooting liberals. We must try to be patient, as God is patient–which ain’t to say it’s easy! True, talking to them is usually no more profitable than talking to a fire hydrant: but you never know who will be the next person the Lord calls to repentance.
      I’ve grown out of a lot of stupid and ungodly ideas in my time.
      So, no, we can’t shoot liberals. But it’s a praiseworthy thing to hold their ideas up to ridicule.

    2. Isn’t it microaggression if you ridicule them? Silence from the right – that’s what they want. We really better get a lot noisier!

    3. Potentially, everything is microaggression. That’s the beauty of it. No one is ever acquitted of the charge. Sorta like a Canadian Human Rights (LOL) tribunal.

  2. When every word, every gesture, is at risk of being branded a micro-aggression, very little can be accomplished. These people are framing their own downfall.

  3. I wonder what would happen if someone accused of hurting another person’s feelings would complain that being accused of such things has hurt his (or her or xyzer) feelings?

    1. It’s impossible to understand the convoluted thinking (if one can call it thinking) of the people in this nation – and the world for that matter.

  4. I think his final point is key. It’s only with regard to sex that people seem to be nearly endless in their tolerance. The problem lies with society as a whole.

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