Good News for ‘Bell Mountain’ (and for Me)

On Thursday this blog went wild with 260 views–and that was good for my Bell Mountain.

For the first time ever, the Bell Mountain paperback made the Top 100 list for Science Fiction and Fantasy. It was ranked #43 when I discovered it there, so it may have done even better earlier.

To order a copy of Bell Mountain for yourself, or any of its sequels, all you gotta do is click “Books” and then click either the logo or the little shopping cart.

You could also browse the archives of this blog and read various reviews of my books; and I invite you to check out the Customer Reviews. Honest, folks–people do enjoy these books! Give yourself a treat, why don’t you?

You will also be helping this blog live up to the purpose for its existence.

7 comments on “Good News for ‘Bell Mountain’ (and for Me)

  1. Congratulations on all your success! Bell Mountain has a really great premise – Two children choosing to follow God’s call to climb a mountain and ring a bell that could end the world is ripe with conflict and suspense.

    The cover to “Bell Mountain” is also incredible. Do you think a cover artist like Kirk DouPonce would ever work with an unknown indie author on a design? Or anybody at Dogeared design, or companies that produce covers of the same caliber, for that matter?

    Thank you, don’t mean to be nosy.

    1. Well, Tom, the best way to find out is to contact Kirk and ask him. His firm is on the Internet. My publishers and I are very happy with his work on all 7 of my Bell Mountain books so far: unlike some other illustrators I’ve known, he actually reads the book first and discusses the assignment with the author.

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