Is It a Lie or a Delusion?

Consider the sad case of Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who became the head of the Spokane NAACP and a regular customer at the racial harassment shop, even going so far as to send hate mail to herself–all of it accomplished by telling people she was black ( ). Only now she has to resign her post because her mother and father have provided undeniable proof that their daughter is, in fact, white–and always has been.

Please, someone explain to me how Bruce Jenner really, honest, is a “woman” but poor Rachel is not some unfortunate black woman trapped in a white woman’s body, yatta-yatta. Which statement is a lie, and which is a delusion? Or are they both lies, or both delusions?

Once upon a time they used to lock you up if you insisted you were Napoleon Bonaparte, the Archangel Gabriel, or (to use C.S. Lewis’ example) a poached egg.

But now it’s different. Now everybody else has to join hands and dance around your delusion, singing “Hail, Napoleon!”

What would have happened if Rachel had stuck to her guns and insisted she really is black, she can’t help it if Fate unjustly sentenced her to life imprisonment in this crummy Caucasian body? Would anybody have the nerve to tell her to get lost? Or would she wind up with Bruce Jenner, winning a Medal of Freedom? (And boy, have they debased that award!)

What if she’d remained at her post and threatened to sue the NAACP if they fired her because she’s white? Wouldn’t she have them for racial discrimination?

But let’s make it easy for ourselves. Let’s get down to brass tacks. Anyone who goes along with this blatant nonsense, be it trans-gender, trans-racial, or trans-whatsoever, is completely without even a shred of integrity, and should be recognized as such. In these cases, the enablers in politics, the nooze media, and the schools are much more despicable than the poor lost souls who make war against their own bodies.

Meanwhile, I am a billionaire trapped in a poor man’s body, and I demand my rights!

3 comments on “Is It a Lie or a Delusion?

  1. I’m sure it’s a combination of both! Satan has a pretty good scheme going now. He’s getting the culture to believe (and teach) that there is no standard of right and wrong. Truth isn’t about facts, it’s about what you feel. As long as you *feel* something is right or true, it is, regardless of reality. A very, very dangerous path we’re on that can lead to no good end.

    1. So very true…Same old lie in a brand new package–and we’re just as gullible, maybe more so. I don’t think Adam and Eve were ever gender-confused.

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