Another Incident to Shame America

Our country continues to lurch into abnormalcy. For instance:

Recently a Florida family was nearly destroyed, and certainly tormented, by a government agency laughingly called “Child Protective Services” ( ). It seems the 11-year-old boy came home from school, his folks weren’t home yet, so he shot some baskets for a while… in his family’s own yard, waiting for his parents, who had been held up by traffic and bad weather.

That was their crime. Inevitably, a neighborhood busybody called the fuzz to report an unsupervised child–oh, the horror of it all!. The machinery of the state swung into action. The parents were busted, strip-searched (!), and thrown in jail for a night. The boy was taken away from his family for a month.

All according to Florida law.

Why do we have such laws? Our civil authorities can’t or won’t do a blamed thing to protect us from being invaded by illegal aliens, or having our towns and cities torn apart by rioters, nor do they seem all that effective against regular criminals–but oh, baby, they are hell on wheels when it comes to crushing peaceful, law-abiding citizens! What? There’s a kid playing basketball without Da-Da looking over his shoulder? Lemme at ’em, lemme at ’em! Calling all cars, calling all cars! Be on the lookout for a kid shooting hoops…

Why do we tolerate this? No wonder our kids are obese, with a prison pallor, and do nothing but sit on the couch and play video games and text each other. That’s all they’re allowed to do! Childhood in suburban America has become a prison sentence, with no time off for good behavior.

You’d swear somebody in charge was trying to engineer out of the American mind all capacity for independent action, independent thought. Then you remember that this is precisely what our “progressive” policy-makers and educators have been trying to do for going on a hundred years.

And now they’re doing it. Doing it to our children and their parents.

And we’re letting them do it.

Shame, shame, shame upon a conquered nation, and freedom surrendered for the asking.

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  1. And the really sad thing is, that same “protective agency” would be more focused on an abusive parent’s rights in a case where a child was actually being abused or neglected. Have experienced it first hand. They always seem determined to do the opposite of what is right.

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