An All-New Perversion! Become Disabled on Purpose

First I had to give up being a satirist because our society satirizes itself and I just can’t keep up. Now I wonder if I’ll have to quite writing fantasy because the real stuff out there is so much weirder than anything I could invent.

So now we’ve got people who want to be blind, or deaf, or paralyzed, or wheelchair-bound, or an amputee, and alleged “philosophers” to argue their case and try to convince us all that having perfectly sound limbs lopped off is rational and praiseworthy ( ), and okay, stop this ride right now, I want to get off…

This was being done at least ten years ago by intensely perverted individuals, aided by doctors without a shred of ethics.

But only now has the ideology caught up with the actual perversion.

Yes–now we’ve got wise-sounding sayings from interllecturals to back it up. See, the whole problem is, this person is a disabled person stuck in a healthy body, and he can never feel right [for feelings are totally everything, and from now on reality is to be defined by feelings] unless they’re in a disabled body… They’ve even thought up a whole new word for it, so it can be presented as a worthwhile cultural movement: trans-ableism. Not to be confused with “ableism,” which is a form of microaggression, which is, which is…

What a load of crap.

But this is the natural fruit of Godlessness–poison fruit from a poison tree. We will not accept the reality the Creator gave us. We do not accept the Creator. We create ourselves–literally chopping up our own bodies to do so–and we create our own reality. Which everybody else has got to “celebrate,” or else.

Hell gapes for such.

Because, you see, there’s only one more step down before there are no more rungs on the ladder and you fall into the bottomless pit–

What about  a dead person trapped in a live body?

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  1. This is so sick and offensive I am at a loss. I used to work at a therapeutic riding center for disabled children, and those kids (and their families) would have probably given just about anything to have been blessed with healthy, normal bodies. I can’t even imagine how anyone could mutilate themselves to become disabled and look any one of those kids in the face.

    1. When self-indulgence rises to such a dizzy height as this, it can look anyone in the face and sneer at them. God help us.

  2. I’m sure there have always been a few goons out there who think like this; unfortunately, those few have now been given a voice and ‘champions’ who will fight for their right to be quadruple amputees.
    I guess now that homo marriage has been fought and won, it’s on to the next thing.
    Hmmm, I wonder if people will now get in trouble with the law for not taking care of a transabled family member who got himself blinded or crippled. I mean, if someone in my family decided they were transabled, and went and got some procedure done, I would refuse to take care of him. Would that be considered discrimination? You bet your prosthetic leg it would be.
    I have no patience with idiots. They’re running our country into the ground and all we can do is stand by helplessly and wring our hands; if we do anything else, we are accused of being hateful and intolerant.
    I saw a comment on a news article about transablism, where someone said (sarcastically) that he was a platypus in a human body, and that a Transplatypus Support Group needed to be started. Unfortunately, what we laugh at today, tomorrow turns into reality.
    I literally am weary of ‘the next thing’ that happens. I can’t even be shocked anymore, really. I just wonder, “When will Jesus come back and set everything to rights?” I hope it’s soon.


    Sorry for shouting but for me this is the last straw:

    “He explained some “transabled” people use wheelchairs to manage their feelings.”

    My father didn’t have time to worry about “managing his feelings” because he was too busy working at a Paper Mill to put food on our table and a roof over our head. Oddly enough, I don’t have time to worry about “managing my feelings” because I’m too busy working at a Korean School to put food on my table and a roof over my head.

    I suppose if I were rich, I might have time to “manage my feelings” by paying surgeons to transform me into a hamster. You see, I suffer from “Trans Hamster Syndrome.”

    My conclusion? It’s a good job I’m not rich.

    Lee, this is perhaps the most important article you’ve written to date. This is proof positive that the Politically Correct and now Mentally Disabled Left has gone completely off the rails. Liberals who aren’t mentally retarded must now raise up in arms against this lunacy, in the same way that Muslims who don’t actually want to behead you must rise up in arms against those who do.

    Oh my Lord.

    1. Jess, I know what you mean by “liberal” because you’ve explained it to me. For the benefit of other readers: you use the word in its classical sense, a la John Locke or John Stuart Mill.
      But today “liberal” has come to mean “deranged, mentally damaged, politically correct, mean-spirited, babbling idiot.” They’ve tainted the word so badly, they’ve taken to calling themselves “progressives”–as if we didn’t know what that means.
      We live in an evil age, and it has come upon us because for many years we–and especially our churches!–were too slothful and timorous to proclaim the truth.
      Now we’re getting what we’ve paid for–in spades.

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