‘The Learning Channel,’ Culture Killer

You didn’t really think I’d post a picture of some “transgender teen” up here, did you? Here is a monarch butterfly instead–in total contrast to the grotesque content of this post, for which I apologize in advance.

I suppose we can’t expect much from a cable TV channel that airs Say Yes to the Dress. But really–when you take ideas and practices that the whole human race has emphatically rejected for untold thousands of years, and suddenly try to make them the groundwork of your morality… well, you wind up with something like TLC’s All That Jazz: a “documentary series following the life of transgender teenager, Jazz Jennings, as she [sic: every cell in this person’s body continues to be male] balances school, family [note that school comes first] and her [sic] social life” ( http://www.locatetv.com/tv/i-am-jazz/season-1/9260065 ).

In this week’s episode, “Worried about keeping puberty at bay, Jazz and her [sic] mother visit the doctor to discuss her [sic] hormone test results.” Did your mother ever worry about keeping your puberty at bay?

As Jazz himself explains, “I was assigned male at birth {what? what kind of talk is this?] but happily live as a girl!”

I shouldn’t have to be the one to say this: but there is something evil and twisted going on in that family, and to celebrate it on TV, and pretend it’s good and praiseworthy, is more evil and twisted still.

Possibly some of this is just the age-old nooze media fascination with anything outlandish and bizarre. Dog bites man, so what? Man bites dog, it’s news.  But the man-bites-dog stories always go away in a few days, while this transgender stuff, already rancid, just keeps getting heaped higher and higher. Our popular culture is coming to resemble a Superfund site.

At the root of this is rebellion against God and the perverse desire to proclaim oneself as God. “Assign me male at birth–oh, yeah? Well, I’m gonna make myself a girl–so there!” Or as Satan put it to Eve, “Ye shall be as gods” (Genesis 3:5).

And in this case, it’s all crap, to boot. If you are male, every cell in your body has a Y-chromosome. No matter how you have yourself mutilated surgically, no matter how much you have yourself shot full of drugs and hormones, you’ve still got several million Y-chromosomes. You are still male.

Learn to live with it… if your demonically inspired parents give you a chance.

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  1. Oh, I just have to catch that show! I bet it’s great! I’m sure it’s way better than all the un-reality shows out there; I bet it shows Jazz’s life just exactly how it is. She’s probably honest and warm and funny and her life is a lot better than mine most likely. Breaking free of the gender assignment means real freedom; I wish I had the courage that young lady has

    Hmmm … I wonder what it’s like being that deceived?

    1. She? Her?
      It used to be they said only morality was relative. Now it’s reality itself that’s relative. God help us.

    2. All I want is to wake up and discover that this whole mess was just a terrible dream brought on by tainted shellfish.

  2. What’s interesting to me is that this is the same network which canceled “19 Kids and Counting” because of an incident that happened long ago and has been dealt with by all concerned (and who have moved on with life). For one sin (19 Kids) the network cancels even though there’s been repentance and forgiveness; for the other sin (Jazz) they celebrate. Maybe 19 Kids should have been canceled, but Jazz certainly should be! So much for our “advanced” culture!

  3. Insanity has blanketed the world since many have forgotten – or don’t even acknowledge – our Creator. The insanity is so pervasive they can’t even see it in someone else! Usually we can’t see our own plank, but we see the mote in another.

    The excuses I’m really tired of is “they were born that way”, or “God made them that way”. No. God gave each of us free will. If we allow some demon to tell us we’re ‘gay’, we’ve made a choice. We chose the demon rather than our loving, patient Father who wishes all will come to repentance. My advice remains the same: Repent!

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