More of Your Tuition Dollars at Work

I wonder what you have to do, to get a job as a “vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion” at a major university. Do you have to be an absolute idiot, or will they settle for a big fat dope?

At the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, the resident big fat dope is calling on all students to use, from now on, really silly words that other idiots made up, instead of ordinary English pronouns ( ). This self-imposed Babel is supposed to do away with hateful, oppressive “binary gender” pronouns like “he” and “she” and replace them with “gender neutral” slop like “ze” and “xe,” “zirs” and “xyr,” or–I think I’ll stop now.

For this you run up $100,000 of student debt? For this you sit in a classroom for five of the best years of your life instead of being out in the real world, earning money and gaining experience?

This twaddle is supposed to reflect the newly-discovered “fact” that there are a great many genders rather than that crummy old male-and-female thing.

Which is a lie.

Here is a simple truth, easily acquired in any high school biology class, which you can trot out whenever you need to confound these people.

No matter what the surgeons do, no matter what kinds of chemicals are pumped into or out of the bloodstream, no matter what mannerisms he adopts, every single cell in Bruce Gender’s body remains forever male because it contains a Y-chromosome.

There is no such thing as a “transgendered person”. Period.

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