My Speling Is To O. Kay!

Ha, ha, I snuck in hear again. That guy lee he just dont pay no atension.

Som of yiu ordrinary dumm peple out thear has been makin fun of my speling and my grammer even tho i am in collidge and yuo arenot so that makes me smartter than yuo rihgjt then and their.

My prefesser he sais my speling and grammer is jost fine. In fact, he sais its my MICRO CULTURE. Only us interllecturals kno what Micro Culture is but i wil tel you othrewize you wil nevver kno. Theys the Big Culture and then theys some Sub Cultures, lik Amerika is the Big Culture and Collidge is the Sub Culture (the smartest one!!), and then thear is the Micro Culture which is Just Me! I am my hole Micro Culture and my prefesser he sais anyboddy who say my speling and grammer are no good, he is a Hater and a Showvinist who dont lik otyher peple’s Micro Culture.

Meenwile i am still in that exspearmint for Reality Studies and stil livin in my prefessers tool shed. He sais the hoody hydes my donky-ears reel good, and we are stil wating to sea if thay can change my mail cromosoms to femail and then we wil alll win a Noble Prize.

PS, we stil workin on give you a free Collidge Degre if yiu don’t reed lee’s books. I wisht i culd git a freee degre, it takin jist forevver to get my degre in Gender Studies.

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  1. Your spelling is rubbish. The reason you will not give your name is because you do not know how to spell it.

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