A Message from Sauron

That’s one of my Orcs in the background.

Hi! I’m the Dark Lord from those Lord of the Rings movies. Betcha didn’t know I’m real! But of course, here in the real world, I go by another name that only sounds like “Sauron.”

Anyway, I’m here today to tellya that national borders are, like, so totally obsolete, we just don’t need ’em anymore. And look around the world–those borders just don’t work. Go ahead, show me where they’re working. ( http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-30/orban-accuses-soros-of-stoking-refugee-wave-to-weaken-europe )

What’s that I hear you sayin’? That me and my friends, we sabotaged the borders, we stirred people up to invade neighboring countries, we created this whole illegal immigration/refugee crisis–just so we could say, “Oops, dude, too bad, this whole nation thing doesn’t work anymore, the only thing is global government”? Would we do that to you?

You say we shouldn’t be rewarded by being given what we want, after we did everything we could think of to gut immigration laws and create a jillion refugees. But I say this–if you stupid peasants know what’s good for you, you’ll let us rule you. We’ve got the money, we’ve got the science, we’ve got the power… and you don’t.

Remember, it’s not nice–and it sure ain’t healthy!–to mess around with Sauron.

Only in the movies–oh, yeah, and in that Bible of yours: but the Bible simply isn’t true–do the good guys beat me.

And this is not a movie.

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