Stalin U.: 51% of Collidge Students Want Restrictions on Speech

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If the university had a god, it would be Stalin.

Don’t look now, but our right to bear arms isn’t the only item on the Bill of Rights that’s under threat. They’ve also got their sights set on the First Amendment, which guarantees to us freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.

Gotta hand it to those universities. They are doing a bang-up job of undermining everything that used to be America. This is “fundamental transformation” with a vengeance.

And so a recent poll of some 800 college students nationwide finds that a majority, 51%, say “there need to be more restrictions made on free speech, especially any speech that could be viewed as hateful or unacceptable” (

Hmm… “hateful” or “unacceptable”… what would be hateful or unacceptable speech?

Why, anything and everything that could be “viewed” as such by brainwashed morons at a college! Anything can wind up being viewed as hateful. Just try saying “Marriage is a man and a woman,” and see what happens. Just try expressing any opinion but the politically correct opinion, and see what they do to you.

Don’t blame the kids. Their minds have been worked over but good, starting in kindergarten.

This is what you get after thirteen years of indoctrination by members of the teachers’ unions, plus whatever they’ve had time to do to you in collidge.

Here is my message:

America is educating itself to death.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

8 comments on “Stalin U.: 51% of Collidge Students Want Restrictions on Speech

  1. Makes me really worried for my kids’ future. They are thankfully getting a Liberty U education themselves, but will have to deal with a country run by these present day college grads and all their crazy ideals. The rapture can come any day now… I really wouldn’t complain.

    1. Our public education system has become an acute threat to our liberties.
      But I do wonder how much longer God will tolerate this foolishness.

    1. “Perhaps it’s time to consider homeschooling your kids”?? Yeah, I’d say so!
      When I was subbing at certain high school, I was called in to teach every subject–every subject except “sex education.” The students were not allowed to take the textbooks out of the classroom, lest parents should see them and object.
      That was almost 20 years ago; and as you can see, things have not gotten any better since.
      Public schooling hurts America.

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