Say Bye-bye to Religious Liberty

Next step–church gets bulldozed for refusing to obey homosexuals

Should the government have the power to tell the church what to teach and what not to teach?

Hell, yeah. And that’s just what the “human rights” industry in Australia intends to do ( ).

In fairness it must be pointed out that some members of the government say this is going way, way too far and that the Tasmania Anti-Discrimination Law must be amended to keep far-out wackiness like this from happening.

You see, a single man who insists he is a woman–he’s also a Green Party candidate for Parliament, surprise, surprise–says church teaching offends him, so it must be changed. His target is the Roman Catholic Church, which earlier this year issued a pastoral letter entitled “Don’t Mess With Marriage.”

The church’s teachings on marriage, an institution ordained by God Himself, have remained the same for thousands of years.

Now they are to be changed because some lost soul demands it.

Here in America many individuals have been ruined, destroyed, not because of anything they did, but because they didn’t take part in a same-sex “wedding.”

Organized Sodomy has become powerful enough to do that. And it seeks more power still.

So far in Australia, attempts to rein in the “human rights” gang have been defeated by a coalition of left-wing members of Parliament, surprise, surprise.

Believe this: The secular tribe will never rest until the Christian religion is destroyed. That is their goal. They wish to remove Christianity as the biggest obstacle between them and total domination of the human race. Their pushes for “gay rights” and transgender nonsense are only tactics.

Had enough yet, folks? There’s more coming.

This is a judgment from God, but we have not yet learned to recognize it as such; and we are very, very far from the repentance that will save us.

9 comments on “Say Bye-bye to Religious Liberty

  1. More reporting on the fascism of the LGBT political bunch. This is going to happen all over the globe in every Christian practicing country. Eliminating Christianity is the goal of the militant LGBT activist

  2. We, as Christians, know God wins. But that hasn’t stopped Satan from trying. An article from Reuters, Dec. 17, reported that a Boston-area Roman Catholic girls’ high school violated a gay man’s rights by revoking a job offer when they learned he was married to another man. So, it’s discrimination when gays are involved, but forcing a Christian to abandon their values isn’t? Upside down world. Satan is on a rampage because he knows his time is nearly up. Come, Lord Jesus!

    1. BTW, there is already a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling–yes, I said 9-0–upholding any church’s right to hire or not to hire personnel for the church school, because such personnel function as ministers of the church. Nine to nothing! They couldn’t even get Ginsburg to agree that the government should be able to tell the church who can be a teacher in its school.
      So why are they even bothering? I guess because “gays” now feel they can demand and get any damned thing they want.

    2. And the current landscape would indicate they can and do. They even went so far as to usurp a perfectly good word that once meant to be happy.

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