Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Study

If you still don’t believe me, that college is a waste of time and money, there are way too many young people in college, there are way too many colleges and universities, etc.–well, read on.

First, let me just give you, verbatim, the lead to this news story from Latinos Health.

“Can a zombie apocalypse really occur? [No] Tara Smith, an associate professor from Ohio’s Kent State University, is issuing an international call to action to fund and promote studies on how to prevent a possible zombie outbreak.” ( )

Zombie-ism is also being studied at Cornell.

Apparently they don’t understand, at our glorious institutions of higher learning, that there is no such thing as a zombie. Well, hey, if you can study an imaginary thing like man-made Global Warming, you might as well study zombies, too.

All right, at the very bottom of the article they say they’re popularizing Science, and trying to capture public attention for needed scientific work, by tying it in with… zombies.

Uh, Prof, do your students know there’s no such thing as zombies? Have you made that clear to them? Betcha haven’t.

So here we are, a bunch of interllecturals, schnorring for public money, taxpayers’ money, so we can study zombies! Like we don’t already take in enough moola in tuition?

America would be twice as good a country with half as many universities.

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