Turky Is Too a Vegtebble!

I get sick of som of the stopid peple who reed this stopid blogg but maybbe thay cant help it thay not in collidge so thats why thay dont undderstand nothing. i jist notised that one of them “said I thuhgt yiu was a vegan how com yuo want to ete turky for chrismiss dinner?

See that shows how dum that thay reely are! Of corse i alreddy know thay not interllecturals lik me, thay not in collidge so i gess I “got” to explane it.

Hay, yuo big dop, turky is too a vegtebble!! it is jist OK and fine for me to ete turky and stil have a vegan dieit! Which is beecose turky is a vegtebble!! it istnt no red meet produck and besides it grows on treees and bushes. Yes i know it looks lik chicken but that is onely a Suprefisile Simularitty. Chicken has fethers and turky dont. Go into any stoor and you wont see no turky with fethers on it.

Anyway us interllecturals we can ete anythinge we want, oru big branes that so much bigger than yuors they neeed constant feeeding! Thats wyh Pressdint Obomma he ete al that Koby Befe and anyhow that is a vegtebble too and eting it is one of thos things that make him so smartt!!!

So see yiu ordrinary dum peple shuld jist shutt up becuse yiu dont know waht yuo talkin abuot, go do som of that Work yiu alyaws talkin abuot and jist leeve the thinkin to us!!! We been doin a goood job so far!!!!

7 comments on “Turky Is Too a Vegtebble!

  1. Wow! I’m reely unedgicaded! I didn’t reelize veggtibles talk! Where have I been?! Gobble-gobble 🙂

  2. Goodness, Poor Joe Collidge. Your writing gets poorer with every post! Maybe before continuing with Gender Studies you should take a basic course on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. With your great big brain (bahahaha!) it should be a piece of cake.

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