Ordering a Cup of Coffee Makes the World Unjust

Bugs Bunny… racist!

Did you know that ordering a cup of coffee is the moral equivalent of “recent killings of black men by white police officers”? What, you didn’t know that? Well, you would know it if you went to Oregon State University and attended their Implicit Bias Workshop ( http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7159 ).

Asked why ordering a coffee is an act of microaggression and implicit bias, the gibbering twaddler running the workshop was unable to come up with an answer. I guess it just is! Shut up, you racists!

I am unable to understand, let alone explain, why over 17 million Americans are currently enrolled in colleges and universities, learning tripe like this. So I have asked my friend Joe Collidge to explain it.


Well Lee is stil a dop but at leest now he knose us interllecturals is smarter than him so of corse i wil do him a faver and explane it to him.

Yiu see micro-Gresion and Impolicit Biass thay make Our Soceity more unjust! Yiu shuld al git downe on yoor nees and thank us interllucturals for figguring that out!

So “let’s” say yuo want som creeme in yur coughie, that is makin it less Black!! and yiu wuld not doo that unles yiu was a Biggit and a Hater and yiu dont like Black Peple! but if yuo dont want no creeme then yuo stil a Racist becose it meens yiu dont want no Black Peple to be with Wite Peple! and iff yuo dont order no coughie at all it meens yiu tryin to hyde from yore own Racism! and aslo you denyin thar is any Racism in the frist plaice.

This here things thay hard for ordrinary dum peple to undderstand unles thay been to collidge and got Smart like me! Al this drinkin coughie and not drinkin coughie it al makes Our Soceity more unjust! Now dont yiu see??

P.S.–Thay stil shootin me up with moth Hormones in the exspearmint so my antenner that busted off, it growed back and i has got to ware a hatt al the time but At leest i stil in my Gender Studies clases and in anether few yeres i wil have my Degre!

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  1. Okay, let me get this straight. We can or cannot order coffee and we can or cannot use cream in the coffee we can or cannot order. So when we place or order do we ask for coffee with or without cream or no coffee with or without cream? Maybe I’ll just order tea. But that could be a problem, too. Should I order black tea, green tea, herbal tea – or a combination thereof?

    1. Ordering tea is cultural appropriation AND exploitation of tea-growing and tea-drinking peoples. Tsk. 🙂

  2. I think maybe these people need to spend some time in communist China, North Korea, war-torn parts of Africa, or some of the really poor, oppressed countries of the world. They are in desperate need of perspective, to experience what real injustice and suffering is so they don’t have to make up imaginary hardships.

    1. America has, insofar as humanly possible, solved the real problems of racism; so only the imaginary problems remain.

      It’s time to start shutting down colleges. There are way too many people wasting years of their lives in college classrooms–over 17 million of them. It is not doing the country any good.

  3. weavingword has a good point. These people could never hold up under an ounce of real oppression; they make a hobby out of being the poor little victim, and making victims out of everyone else as well. Pathetic. It used to be that perseverance, bearing up under hardship, and the strength to remain calm in the face of adversity, were valued in America.
    Now, it’s a race to see who can be the biggest baby.

  4. If you define a racist as someone who mainly thinks about race all day long every day, then the real racists are the ones calling others racist. The human race is one species, meaning we can have sexual intercourse with each other in a way that will produce offspring. It has nothing to do with what you look like. We all bleed red blood.

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