‘The Rape Capitol of Europe’

Warning: The maker of this video has employed a number of cuss words to express his indignation over the self-destructive lunacy practiced by the rulers of his country.

Listen to what this man has to say about Sweden. It’s his home, so he sees it up-close and personal. He is convinced “Sweden is the most self-loathing country on earth.”

But you could easily replace “Sweden” and dub in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or France, and everything else could stay the way it is. Self-destructive multicultural insanity is happening everywhere throughout the Western world.

The narrator is wrong, of course, when he pledges his own allegiance to “values” that include secularism and humanism. You won’t beat hyperventilating Islam with secularism and humanism. The reason our Western countries are going round and round down the drain today is because their people turned away from God and put their trust in secularism and humanism.

Islam, along with secular humanism, is a scourge raised up by God to chastise us for our ingratitude, our pride, our sloth, our lard-brained tomfoolery.

Doubt it? Read the Book of Jeremiah. Read it very carefully. Give it your undivided attention.

If God was willing to burn Jerusalem and tear down the Temple, what will He be willing to do to us–the countries that once were Christendom, who have committed all the sins of Israel and Judah and gone on to make up some really far-out sins of our own?

Look at the leaders He has given Sweden. Then look at the leaders He has given us.

7 comments on “‘The Rape Capitol of Europe’

  1. Sweden does sound a lot like the United States, but their definition of a conservative is way different than ours. I agree, secular humanism and moral relativism is what got us into this mess. It’s the Judaeo-Christian values are what kept Islam out of Europe in times past.

  2. Some of his language aside, this guy really nails it! I’m so outraged by what the new world utopian depopulation globalists are doing to the ‘common man’, that expressing myself becomes difficult.

    We cannot look to the governments, education systems, economic systems, religious systems or the mainstream medias for help because that would require them to act in accordance with God’s laws, which would utterly destroy their Luciferian plans.

    In today’s news, I did find one tiny glimmer of hope:
    but, of course, it’s too little too late. Unless the Judeo-Christian world rises up, repents and asks God to intervene, we are headed for a very rude awakening – SOON!

    1. God waits for the wicked to be riding high before He cuts them down. Remember Sennacherib. And you gotta believe there were people in Judah who figured the King of Assyria was the wave of the future, a wave they wanted to catch and ride to wealth and glory.

      “And behold, they were all dead corpses…”

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