Joe Collidge Protests My Uintatherium Video

I jist want to say that that unitatharium Video it was racist and stopid lee is a racist for postin it!

it is also Homo Phobbia and I think they was Climbit Change Denile in it too. He shulddnt be aloud to make posts like this and yiu wate till Hillery is Pressdint and then yull see what hapens! Then al these stopid peple thay wil have to go to Jail. Or may be get thare heads choped off! Becose thay are Haters and we jist wil not tollerate Haters not for one minnit, oh man them Haters make me so Mad and now my Moth antenners spining aruond and aruond and i think I feel whoozee…


Your attention, please.

The guest blogger was unable to continue on account of his extreme emotional reaction to the Uintatherium-gimmick soup commercial.

Normal service has been resumed.

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7 responses to “Joe Collidge Protests My Uintatherium Video

  • Linda Sorci

    Poor Joe Collidge. Someone should get you an ice compress (but make sure you push those antenners out of the way). I wasn’t aware that mothmen could get so riled up. And speaking of getting riled up, don’t you find it somewhat ironic that you hate the haters? And by the way, that critter’s cute – much cuter than a mothman.

  • Laura

    Well, Joe, you can’t fix stupid. Unfortunately that means you’ll stay this way for your whole life. The only way you’ll change is that you’ll get MORE stupid. Poor fella.

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