Politics at Its Worst

Yesterday on my car radio I heard a clip from a Hillary Clinton speech:

“Those Republicans are going to do everything they can possibly do to keep you from voting, if you’re poor, if you’re black, if you’re Latino…” (Or words to precisely that effect: I’m going by memory.)

Hmm, which Republican candidate is in charge of suppressing the Latino vote–Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? And of course Ben Carson is on hand to chase blacks away from the polling place.

This rhetoric is worse than ridiculous, worse than shameful.

It is a sin.

“Lemme see here… If I can raise up animosity where none need exist, if I can make groups of citizens fear other groups, and set people at each other’s throats who otherwise would be at peace… If I can make people fearful of things that are not, in fact, happening, and not going to happen… And then hold myself up to them as the only leader who can protect them from this imaginary conspiracy to deprive them of their right to vote… Oh, yeah, I can gain by this!”

Our Lord said, Blessed are the peacemakers.

What about those who purposely destroy the peace, for their own personal, political advantage? Who cause some to hate others without a cause?

Politics can be a pretty loathsome business; but once again, Hillary Clinton has shown that she is the lowest of the low.

We as a nation need our heads examined, allowing low characters like this to lord it over us. We really must be some kind of stupid.


5 comments on “Politics at Its Worst

  1. Classic Hegelian Dialectic adeptly employed with indoctrination. America is under well-deserved judgment. This form of reasoning certainly is maddening!

  2. Well, when Bubba was in office, misbehaving as he did, I was leading a Bible study at my church, and it was evident that most of the people in the class were a lot more concerned about “the economy, stupid” than they were about righteousness. These are Christians, remember? I pointed out that this perverse behavior would soon spill over to the youngest kids, was poo poo ed, but guess what? We were there in less than a year.
    These are the people who are still trying to figure out what the meaning of “is” is. Too many luke warm “believers” who only look for their own perceived interests.

    1. What really got me was the “everybody does it” defense. So one day at the Y, I challenged a whole locker-room full of men: “Look, I don’t know your names, I can’t possibly rat you out–so let me ask you all a question, and you have nothing to lose by giving me an honest answer. How many of you have actually committed adultery?” And only one hand went up! So much for everybody does it.

      Being governed by wicked and ungodly fools is not good for any nation. The leaders debauch the whole people.

    2. And the hypocrisy is stunning! How soon we forget that when Bubba was caught cavorting around the White House, Hil-liar-y attempted to divert attention with her ‘right-wing conspiracy’ claim and defaming the women who came forward. But she’s out there campaigning on a pro-women platform, while facing the possibility of indictment. Astounding!

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