God’s Stuff Works: Spring Peepers

Very soon–if not already, depending on where you live–some of you will be blessed by the music of these tiny frogs calling for mates. Spring peepers usher in the spring.

The procession of the seasons, according to God’s ordering of things, is an infallible sign of His sovereign government over all of His creation–a very good thing to remember, in the face of the tide of wickedness and folly that overflows this present age.

Someday, according to God’s plan, all of that will be abolished. He will regenerate His entire creation, and put all of it under Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.

Trust in the Lord.

These frogs do.

5 comments on “God’s Stuff Works: Spring Peepers

  1. Isn’t God’s creation most wonderful?!

    No peepers here in Western New York just yet. But we had a hawk sitting on our porch railing one day – incredibly beautiful sight!

    Praise to Our Lord, God Almighty!

  2. Cool! I heard these little guys all the time where I used to live, which had some swampy areas nearby. But I never actually saw them. Now I know what they look like. : ) I miss them where I am now. There isn’t any water nearby for them to live in.

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