Humorous Interlude: Cat vs. Printer

Does your cat get along with your technology? Watch this little character’s eyes get wider and wider as she tries to let this printer know who’s boss.

My cat, Peep, has been fascinated with fragile machinery ever since she got up on top of the refrigerator somehow–I don’t know how–as a kitten, wormed her way inside the box containing my ice cream-making machine, and brought the whole thing crashing down to the floor. Peep escaped uninjured. My ice cream maker didn’t.

4 comments on “Humorous Interlude: Cat vs. Printer

  1. Poor little calico. There are just some things kitties prefer not to understand. Attack first, ask later 🙂 My cats must be the laziest, or at least the most nonchalant. Sitting on the bathroom vanity, catching drops of water from the faucet is about as strenuous as it gets.

  2. no matter what cats are doing, I love them. This one reminds me of my
    flame point siamese who is curious about anything that is capable of moving.

  3. I’ve seen another one very similar to this. It seems cats have a natural dislike for printers. Can’t say I blame them.

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