Their Is Too ET’s!!

This moning my freinds had to beet up this guy he was sayin bad things about Sceince! Hear at collidge us interllecturals we dont allou nobody to say nothin bad abuot Sceince!

This stopid guy he was sayin how Can yiu have a Sceintiffic Study of something wehn thare aint nothin to study? He was takling abuot the Grate Sceintiffic Study by the Grate Aurstrallia Natoinal Unavarsity they sayed the Reeson sceintists cant find no Alien Beans is that thay must of All dyed out and we jist missed them and he sayed Ohboy, now thay makin Studies that got no Datta and thay cal theyselfs sceintistes so that is whiy we beet him up! Yiu Cant be sayin stuff lyke that in Collidge! So us Tollerant perssons we got togethher and beet him up for not bean Tollerant.

And anyhow he is Dead Rwong!!! Becose I sees them Alians al the tyme ever sinse thay frist started Shootin Me up ful of Moth hormoans, i just seen a ET this moning rihgjt hear on Campus nere whare they has the Jackalope nests.
Acterally the Alien it was kind of scarey, it had three Eyes and tentracles like a Octerpuss, i seen it rihgjt affter I eat a peace of Rug and my prefesser he sayed Uh-oh “yiu shuldnt of done” that becose it had Carpet Cleener on it. I dunno. it tasted alright but latter i fellt kind of funny.

So the Point is thare reely is Space Alients and i seen them and thay hasnt al dyed out and becume Extinked. Thay is hear Among us now!

7 comments on “Their Is Too ET’s!!

  1. Violence, Joe Collidge? Really? Sounds like a safe zone should be established. And I’m beginning to think you’re right about aliens – I think you’re one of them!

    1. If you like violence so much, then why were you upset last week when your grandparents were shooting at you?!

    2. Wow! I didn’t realize that. This must come under Obama’s rules of engagement. Or maybe it’s just that you just THINK your an interllectural. Either way, you get your antenners in a twist pretty regularly. Maybe those hormones aren’t strong enough.

  2. I always suspected something like this. Eating rugs, taking alien DNA
    will do it to you every time.

  3. Joe, I wouldn’t advise eating anything with carpet cleaner on it. I can well believe you saw aliens after putting *that* in your mouth.

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