Sanity Break: Overzealous Dogs

If there’s one thing guaranteed to put a dog into an embarrassing position, it’s a penchant for over-enthusiasm. But it takes more than a tumble to keep a good dog down!

The column’s done, my lunch is eaten, and I’d better fold my tent while I still have a tent to fold.

2 comments on “Sanity Break: Overzealous Dogs

  1. These are hilarious, and I really needed a chuckle just now. We have had a power outage for over two hours, just got it back and back on line, so
    thanks for lightening my mood.

  2. Ouch! Poor puppies! But it is cute and they don’t even seem to notice.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Lee.

    Erlene, so sorry about the power interruptions. It’s always such a problem when the power goes out. We depend so much on electricity. In Florida, we went through many hurricanes, one of which left us without power for 17 days – with no air conditioning and a houseful of cats, 2 dogs and a parrot. Generators only go so far.

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