A Interllectural He Says Whatt to Doo Abuot Our Nattinal Parks Being Racist

I am hear by poplar deemand today to tel yiu whatt Us interllecturals say whe got to do abuot Our nachonal parks being Racist. Acturely i dont thinke that stopid dop lee he had a bad ideer abot sayin Our innard cittys ouhgjt to be caled Natonal parks that wuld be grate But we got to doo somthing abuot them parkes we alreddy has so that Minorites wil feeel wellcom in them. And aslo get ridd of too much wite peple. So Okay hear’s waht we do.

One, blow up all them wite mail racist heads on Mont Rush More and thay shuld aslo chang the nayme becose thare shuldnt be no monttin naymed after that Big fat Racist Rushh Limbo, thay mustt get rid of al them Wite heads and replase them with Black heads Our Beloved Presdint O’Bomma and His wyfe The First Laddy and aslo Opera Windfree and May be Beyondsay becose Her musick its so grate.

Too, Go inta al the other Parks “and” hang up Speekers on al the Trees and them speekers thay wil Play Rap Musick reel loud! Play it 25-7!

Threee, evry Park it shuld got to have Stores ware the peple can by Lottry tickits and aslo Thay “can” loot the stores anytime thay Want.

And fore, git rid “of” al them Park Rangers becose thay way tooo much like The Polise and nachrally Minorites thay skared the Rangers thay wil shooot them.

Yiu kno waht? them Minorites thay are Luckky that us Interllecturals we are arond to think Up al theese things for them that is becose Whe are alyas the “Friends of” the Opresed and whe are Socail Justiss Worriers whoo fihgjt for there rihghts and we “Make Sure” their is plente of Divversigty and any boddy who is Not diversst thay shuld be shot!!

4 comments on “A Interllectural He Says Whatt to Doo Abuot Our Nattinal Parks Being Racist

  1. Hanging speekers on trees is racist – all that blaring music will kill the trees! And being a interlecturral is racist because you are talking down to everyone else! Even tree huggers will be mad at you! And you should be careful, Joe Collidge, ’cause if it wasn’t for trees, you wouldn’t have any food!

  2. Now for some rest for our souls: how about Holy, Holy, Holy or Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. You may have already done these, my senior memory often fails me.

    1. Sure, I’ve posted both of them more than once, but I don’t mind doing it again. If you check the archives, you can find a very nice version of “Leaning” sung a capella, in superb harmony, by a few Indians sitting on a sofa and in chairs. Just lovely.

  3. LOL. A racist is a black person calling trees and parks racist. It goes to the insanity of these fools. Sho ’nuff.

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