By Request, ‘Awesome God’

Thanks, Linda, for requesting this–something to get the enemy’s knickers in a twist–Awesome God, sung by Michael W. Smith with lots and lots of backup from a whole auditorium full of God’s people. Turn up the volume on this one!

If I may use one of those military metaphors that drive namby-pambies crazy–cut loose with the heavy artillery, boys and girls! Our God made the heavens and the earth, and sent His Son to save us. What can their gods do?

3 comments on “By Request, ‘Awesome God’

  1. Thank you, Lee. This is such a powerful song, and this particular version with the entire audience -many of them young people – participating in praise, is incredibly powerful! Can’t you just see the enemy running to hide?! Jesus is calling out His people – and, Praise God, we hear Him! Makes one’s heart swell with joy!

  2. By the way, I’ve had this song on my cell phone as the ringtone for years. It sure has turned many heads in public places 🙂

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