Owl and Puppy Make Friends

I never knew this, but if youtube videos are anything to go by, a lot of people have pet owls. Here’s someone trying to broker a friendship between his owl and his chihuahua puppy–which, I must add, is about as cute a puppy as I’ve ever seen.

Do you get the impression that the owl is primarily interested in whoever’s filming this? But the puppy is completely on board with the program.

It’s fun to watch animals of very different kinds interact together. My painted turtle lived in hope that Henry the cat would someday feed him, and went into his whole “feed me” act every time Henry sat down by the turtle tank. I am sorry to report that Henry never came across with the goods; but the turtle never gave up hope.

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  1. Thanks, Lee. Adorable! – both puppy and owl 🙂 There are so many animals of different species that somehow become friends. Isn’t God awesome!

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