Satanic, or Just Plain Loony?

On June 1 this wack-fest was held to celebrate the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel under the Alps, in Switzerland. I have selected the shortest of many videos that illustrate–well, I don’t know what it illustrates.

To me the images created for this event seem like something from a badly damaged brain shorting out just before it flat-lines. To others, it’s a lot of New World Order/Illuminati code and symbolism that reveals a satanic origin. Or maybe the Swiss are just trying to one-up the Presbyterian Church USA: their General Conference opening ceremonies are generally a hoot.

I don’t believe in secret cabals of fiendishly clever villains micro-managing world history in the service of their master, Satan. But I do believe in fiendishly stupid or demented, overpaid, overpraised, in-love-with-themselves big shots who blunder into one folly, one mass sin, after another… in the service of their master, Satan.

As weird and apparently lunatic as the images in this ceremony are, what’s weirder still is the gallery of well-dressed, obviously upper-crust ninnies soberly and sagely watching it all.

They’re the ones, I think, we have to watch out for.

6 comments on “Satanic, or Just Plain Loony?

  1. Wow … that was really, really, really weird. I guess it’s a mixture of modern art (lots of abstract nonsense that’s supposed to be up to the viewer to interpret) and modern-pagan ritual (complete with creepy flying angel things, people with skulls held high, and disgusting sensual movement).

    Could you post ‘This is My Father’s World’ to help us recover from the kookiness?

  2. Yes, I saw this video as it appeared on two other websites, and it is so loony, it gives me heartburn.

  3. Honestly, I couldn’t watch past the first half. Looks to me like zombies and perverts. Seems to be the trend these days though – weird Olympic Ceremonies, Super Bowl Halftimes, CERN opening dance . . . Evil, disturbed, Satanic.

  4. Disturbed, indeed. I wonder what goes on inside of the heads of these creatures? I really wouldn’t want to see, though.

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