By Request, ‘When He Was on the Cross’

John Starnes performs When He Was on the Cross I Was on His Mind. You requested it, Erlene, so here it is. Listen to the lyrics, everybody.

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4 responses to “By Request, ‘When He Was on the Cross’

  • Thorsten Fassbinder

    Starnes does a Paul Harvey type radio segment during rush hour on the local AM station turned FM.
    FM listeners were clamoring for news and talk. (not really)
    I’ll listen to that station just long enough to hear Starnes and then go back to the AM Christian Freedom station which is the best station locally.
    They play portions of Ronald Regan speeches and it is all religious programming on the weekend.
    I play it loud around liberals just for laughs.

  • Linda Sorci

    Thank you, Lee. Beautiful. These hymn posts are such a blessing.

    I may have requested this before, but my memory is sometimes a little slow 🙂 ‘How Great Is Our God’

  • Thorsten Fassbinder

    Whoopsie the guy who does the Paul Harvey style radio segments with a “conservative” twist is named Todd Starnes and not John. DOH!

  • Erlene

    Thank you so much Lee. I so love this song. It speaks volumes and reminds us of how much love and obedience we really owe to our Savior.

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