After Christian School…It All Goes South

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We laugh at Joe Collidge, but he does have a mean streak.

I have this story via Frontline Ministries. I won’t use any names: the point of the story is broader than that. And it’s not the only example.

So–boy enters Christian school. He has a very bad stutter, and the other kids make fun of him. Teacher puts a stop to that, but good, and works with the boy so that he finally overcomes his handicap. No more stutter.

Boy leaves Christian school, enters public high school. His Christian teacher hears from him no more… until he gets an email from the lad, now a college student.

The young man calls his teacher “bigoted” (biggit, biggit, croak the mindless frogs in the swamp called “university”) and excoriates him for writing “hateful” things about homosexuals and Muslims. By “hateful” he means anything less than full approval and complete submission.

Then the college student–who has by now been given a bigger handicap than any stutter: a public education administered by moral imbeciles–goes on to say, pompously, to his old teacher, “It’s not man’s place to judge… I can’t believe I respected such a bigoted individual (biggit, biggit) as yourself.”

“It’s not man’s place to judge”? Dude, what are you doing as you write that? Oh, I see–judge not, except it’s right to judge Christians and conservatives because your collidge perfessers told you so.

This whole collidge mantra of “There’s your truth that’s true for you and my truth that’s true for me” is nothing but a symptom of a mind that has been trained out of the habit of reasoning. Like, dude, if it’s your old teacher’s “truth” that homosexuality is wrong, aren’t you supposed to respect that as “his truth”?

Oh, okay–it doesn’t apply to Christians and conservatives.

I’ve seen what happens when a teen or tween leaves Christian school and gets sucked into the maw of public education. In no time at all they turn the kid into a waste of space. It’s what they do best.

Please, Christians, please! If you have kids in public school, please get them out of there. You wouldn’t dream of sending them to a Muslim school to be taught by Muslims. Why are you comfortable with having them be taught by reprobates?

Meanwhile, I’m sure I can’t see the payoff in training a whole generation of Americans to be puffed-up nasty little fools in whom unearned self-esteem has replaced earned self-confidence.

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  1. This is why they push college. Indoctrination rather than education. Learn a trade, young people. Stay away from those institutions. They’re called that for a reason.

  2. We raised our daughter in a Christian school until she had to go to high school because so Christian high schools. She did okay until she went away to college, then started attending church less regularly. But she made it through the morass and today makes us proud of her Christian character. Tonight she shows Jay Leno around at her job as the hostess for the Walton Art Center.

    1. Rod Stark says most American kids slack off church when they go to college–and that most of them eventually come back, one way or another.

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