Read It if You Dare

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Wow, what a plot! I mean, is this a book or is this a book? And what kind of question is that?

In The Evolving Door by Melinda James Schlubb,  Gunto and Petunia are transgendered partners who, in the course of investigating their past lives in which they were frogs, fish, and millipedes, accidentally discover the secrets of Evolution, providing total and irrevocable proof that no one would ever dare to question.

But it’s not so safe to discover the secret of Evolution! Immediately after their discovery, an Amish hit squad begins to hunt them down. Haters and biggits torture them by using the wrong pronouns: these are harrowing scenes of hurt feelings and microaggression, surely not for the faint-hearted.

Will Gunto and Petunia succeed in arriving at the Safe Space, that is, the nearest college campus? Having changed their respective genders once already, can they find the courage to do it again–and yet again? Or will the Mennonite assassins finally catch up to them?

One of the great things about this book is how author M.J. Schlubb boldly breaks free of all those tired old conventions of grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary: there is, indeed, a 28-page chapter that is all one sentence. She or he puts quotation marks wherever she or he feels like it, and paragraphs are always up for grabs. Oh, it’s sooo postmodern! Or can you say illiterate?

Published by Bankrupt Press, The Evolving Door sells for $344.99, hardcover, and is available from your local drug dealer.

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    1. According to this article, the Satanists are really just atheists. Of course, they could be lying. Being libs, and “science” worshippers, they may not even know how to tell the truth.

      In the meantime, I don’t think the kids in public school have to wait till after school to get a daily does of Satanism.

    2. And with the ‘father of lies’ leading this bunch, lying is what they do best.

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