Joe Collidge’s Movie Review

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I seen This movie yestadday it “was” in Gender Studies class and it was jist apsolotely grate!! only i cant rebember what “it” was callled. Aslo i cant rember whoo was in it but It was abuot some guy he Got his self turned into A wimmin and al Her fammly thay got Mad at waht she done And “so” thay made a Lot “of” micro-gresions aginst Her! and thatt was becose thay al ware no-good stopid christins.

Wel “let me” tel yiu that storey it got me good and mad! Wen yiu get yore selff turned into a Wimmin evryboddy has got To afirm yiu and cellerbrate waht yiu done! Hear at Collidge us Interllecturals we has maid sure “that” noboddy even aloud to Say annything hatful wen “someboddy” thay gett a Gender Change and if yiu dosnt say It “is” goood yiu gets Put inta Diversity Training!!!

Gee i wish I culd rember Waht was the Tietal of “that” movie but when thay showed The tietal thare was Somthing rong with My Moth Antenners thay was itchin somthing feerce and i jist keeped scrachin and scrachin butt “it” wuldnt stopp!! Wel yiu cann fiend out More abuot “this” movie Iff yiu go to Collidge and sine up For Gender Studies becose fromm Now “on” evryone hear has got “to” see it and wee “wil” make It a “New Rule” that yiu has to say its Goood or else yiu bein hatful “and” Intollerent and we wil beet yiu up Until yiu larn How to bee “more” Tollerent and aslo Incluesieve!

So dont yiu Dare “miss” This movie!

And nowe My antenners thay stil ichin I got to gett Out “of” hear.

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  1. Would not watch the movie even if you knew the title. Hope you are going to turn into a moth and that you get caught.

    1. That would be my guess, too.

      Stick a fork in America – she’s done.

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