So Now I’m ‘Dangerous’?

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A reader has just informed me that my NWV column this week, on “College–the Brain Masher,” has been tagged by Google with an “ALL RED Dangerous Web Page Warning.” ( )  I don’t see that when I go to the NWV page, so I’d be interested to know whether any of you have seen it. But certainly I have no reason not to believe the reader.

So… I said America’s university system needs to be shrunk, not expanded, and that our colleges indoctrinate their students with left-wing piffle and addle their brains–and that’s supposed to be dangerous? Hey, I went to college and it threw me off the track for more than thirty years: and it wasn’t anywhere near as awful, back then.

It seems I have become a menace to society. I guess Joe Collidge is right about me. I suppose I ought to be proud of having earned this distinction; but, in fact, it doesn’t give me all that nice a feeling. All I’m doing is calling it like I see it. That’s dangerous?

Oh, well, at least I’m in good company.

No, Google, it’s not this unimportant blogger who’s dangerous. It’s our college system that is dangerous. But I suppose you’ll want to live in the world these confused young people make, when it’s their turn to take over from the grownups: very probably because you and your cohorts expect to rule that world.

I would rather not see that happen.

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    1. You’re welcome, watchman-on-the-wall. No, I haven’t see it but when I do, I’ll let you know immediately. I read your article in NWV – another great one! I spent a lot of time on it, copy statements I could use in posting comments in defense of what we all know to be true.

  1. I read it earlier this morning and didn’t see any markings or flags on it, so I went back and looked again. Still nothing evident on the page. Maybe I just don’t know where to look. Is it on the google site or on the NWV page somewhere?

    Marlene is right, Lee. The truth is always dangerous to those who spew lies.

    1. The reader didn’t tell me where or how he saw it. I use Bing instead of Google, so that’s probably why I haven’t seen it.

    2. In any case, you have now joined the ranks of other honorable watchmen in the alternative media. Facebook and YouTube have been doing this for some time – even going so far as to ban the bloggers’ articles for periods of time and threatening them with permanent bans if they continue posting anything that’s disapproved of by their unwritten, non-specific rules.

  2. I searched the phrase “Dangerous Web Page Warning” and it looks like Google puts that tags on sites that may have dangerous malware downloads. It’s not there now, so maybe it “realized” it was a mistake. Or maybe an unfriendly reported it as such and it has since been cleared.

    1. Of course we would all want to be warned off sites that may contain dangerous malware downloads, and I always heed such a warning whenever one comes up.
      But NWV has had censorship issues before, and has had to go to a lot of trouble to keeps its site accessible.
      Maybe I’m a little thin-skinned, ever since the Southern Poverty B.S. Center declared me an official hate monger.

    2. Yes, NWV has managed to overcome their problems and now works just fine, although I’ve never had a problem on their site. However, I have enormous problems with dcclothesline, one of my favorite sites, and worldnetdaily. Every week, another conservative or christian or investigative journalistic site goes berserk. My comp techs told me yes, many sites are being attacked by vicious malware, viruses, hacking, interferences, etc.

    3. I’ve had the same problems on the sites you mention Marlene. And, for some reason, every day my virus protection program mysteriously gets shut down (I’ve learned to monitor it closely so I can shut down completely and restart). I’d be interested to know if anyone else is having that issue.

    4. Mine is an HP laptop. I can usually tell when the virus protection program is about to be shut down. Pages – any pages – take forever to load.

  3. News with views is one of three very trusted places to get the Truth in the news and fantastic writers with common sense. With that said google has and is still censuring this website and more truth websites are not working. Sir I read your article yesterday through my email and it was fantastic! God Bless you brother in Christ our family is praying for you to keep writing the Truth in Christ! Glory To God that everyone may come to know Him! Thank you…shannon b

  4. Google is a definite problem; they are eliminating conservative sites from search results. I am now receiving warnings on many of my favorite sites; at present allowing me to “proceed” with a danger warning, but that will soon change too. This is an ongoing shut down of free speech. Uh oh, am I fostering another conspiracy theory? Or is this not a blatant conspiracy? How else can they justify a rigged Clinton win in November?

    1. Maybe it’s our definitions that are in conflict.
      I don’t call it a conspiracy when it’s done where everyone can see it, by people whom everyone can name. That’s just plain crime.
      In any event, whether they’ve carefully planned it all or not, crooks will be crooks and leftids will be leftids.

    2. It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true. It’s not a theory if it’s a fact. I get the same warnings on truth sites, conservative sites, and even christian sites.

  5. Well, join the crew, Lee. I have had my writing “censored” too, and on facebook, some of my remarks have been answered with “shut the —up
    woman! Such is life today if you don’t wish to go along with the garbage that many people prefer. I could not care less, I just write what the Holy Spirit prompts me to write, and someone doesn’t like it, tough. Their problem, not mine. I did have problems with NWV at times, but there is always a way around it, and it is worth the effort.

  6. In response to whether you’re “dangerous” or not .. YES, YOU ARE DANGEROUS to the globalist cabal’s agenda to bring the U.S. down to third-world status. After our young people graduate with 12 years of Common Core BRAINWASHING, they are ill-equipped for any job. They are unable to think critically and solve problems. They have not been trained for any job, yet they are told they should be paid $15/hour just for showing up with an iPhone and Pokemon Go. Therefore, it’s off to college, where they can postpone the inevitable, a job and loan repayment. Unfortunately, college will not provide an education leading to employment. Debt means nothing to the unwitting. After graduation with a PhD Degree in Worthlessness, they’re confident their debt will somehow be forgiven.

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