So It’s Not Satire…

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Hey! Remember this? ( ) How we defenseless taxpayers of America paid over $400,000 to some idiot “professor” to pioneer “feminist glaciology” and “the connection between gender and glaciers”?

So you thought I was kidding yesterday when I wrote “Physics goes P.C.”? Well, so did I–but now I’m not so sure. I mean, here we’ve got a “feminist political ecology and feminist postcolonial approach” to the study of glaciers. What the blazes does that mean?

We are asked–if not ordered–to believe in “science” as the ultimate arbiter of truth. If “science” says it ain’t so, then it ain’t so: sayonara, Book of Genesis. And if “science” says it’s so, then it’s so: come on in, feminist glaciology! Here, you can sit down right here, between Climate Change and Evolution.

Is what we call “science” even science anymore?

If you say yes, lots of luck trying to prove it.


5 comments on “So It’s Not Satire…

  1. It is all pseudo science. Sinful man’s desperate attempt to make himself god; to believe “the lie” and it is so pathetic.

  2. I recently ran across an old science textbook. It was just short of being hilarious. Everything .. and I mean everything, is THEORY in science. Concepts that were once considered “settled” science absolutes, have all been proved wrong. The same will happen to today’s “settled” science. However, science sure hauls in a lot of research grant $$$, doesn’t it?

    I can clearly see that glaciers are of the feminine gender; one minute, they’re melting, and before you can wipe away their flowing tears, they’re freezing cold and growing in size.

  3. Yesterday, I heard the epitome of the definition (or should I say explanation) of science. When attempting to explain to people why the water in the Olympic pool was a horrid green, they tried to sell us on chemicals being the culprit – possibly the wrong amount. They had the nerve to say that ‘chemistry is NOT an exact science’!! Oh for pity’s sake!

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