A Mergeancy Allert ‘from’ Joe Collidge

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Now looke waht yiu nogood dirtty repulbickans gone and Done!! i Has jist fouwned out “that” iff That stinkin “Donold Trumpp” he gets Eleckted Instid “of” Hillary, Barbra Strysand she going to leeave “the” Contry and Not come back no More!!! ( http://www.dailywire.com/news/8740/streisand-ill-leave-country-if-trump-wins-michael-qazvini )

Waht kinder contry “wil” itt bee With Out her?! it Is reely Too horryble evin To “think” abuot! And aslo A lot “of” otther Super Smart and boutifull Cellerbites thay wil “aslo” Leeve! Like Woppy Gold Berg and Revrind Al Sharptin and “evin” Brenda Bungsniffer and Chriss Fungus and a hole “bunch” of othhers whoos Names “I” cant spel. Its jist awffle! And my Prefesser “he” sayes The contry It Wil Cap Size it “wil” Flipp rihght Over then We al goin To Die!!!!

So Congrous thay shuld Quick make “it” aginst the Law Not “to” vote four Hillary and yiu get Shot iff yiu dont,, IT IS “THE” ONELY WAY TO PERTECT FREEEDOM IN THIS CONTRY!!!!

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  1. They say it likes is a bad thing. If anything its an incentive to vote for Trump. But we know they will never leave.

  2. I have a suggestion for you, Joe. Why don’t YOU LEAVE the country. It would be such a wonderful improvement. Maybe, go somewhere where English is not required. that would be a great start for ya.

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