Memory Lane: ‘Flying Purple People Eater’

I will not write about the election today! Or the debate, either–and you can’t make me.

I was nine years old when this song came out, and my friends and I quickly acquired toy Flying Purple People Eaters to add to our collections of Miller Space Aliens. Imagine my surprise, years later, when I learned that Sheb Wooley, who wrote and sang The Purple People Eater, was on TV every week as a regular member of the cast of Rawhide.

Oh, it seems a different world! Hard to believe that world ever existed. A world where Eisenhower was president and everyone respected him, and where harmless nonsense could push you right up to the top of the charts without any mention of any kind of sex.

Don’t blame me for calling it back to mind. Those of you who are young, you don’t know what you missed. But I’m here to tell you that an awful lot of it was very, very good.

4 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Flying Purple People Eater’

  1. Well, well, I had forgotten that one until now, but I do remember it. I am older than you, so it didn’t make the same impact with me, but I caught myself going around singing the song now and then.

  2. Somewhere in this big old is that 45 that my dad loved to play around this time of year along
    with dinner with drac and monster mash

  3. My lil brother sings it like, “Well I saw him last night on the TV show. He was really goin’ around, really knockin’ em dead, listening to rock music through the horn out of his head.” lol

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