College Kiddies Too Upset to Take Exams

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s win over the Clinton crime family, collidge students throughout the land have pleaded with their professors to postpone the mid-term exams, the precious little pipsqueaks being much too emotionally traumatized to take exams; and more than just a few professors have been granting that request ( ). American University even provided students with a “vigil”–you know, like liberals have for multiple murderers who are about to get executed and oh, it’s so cruel and heartless! Gimme one of those candles…

Y’know, I think I’ve finally figured out what college is for, what role it plays in the life of America.

College is for storage.

Yup, that’s all it is–a really expensive and deceptive way to keep unemployable people off the streets and out of mischief, while giving the Left another four years–or more!–to turn the kiddies’ minds to mush. With an economy hamstrung by the government unable to generate jobs for everyone, we have millions of young people who need to be warehoused.

While keeping them out of the soup kitchens, college provides thousands and thousands of jobs for persons who would otherwise be completely useless. The lib/prog/Democrat dream of “universal free college” is already almost a tautology: virtually everybody who wants to go is already going. Of course, it ain’t “free.” It won’t be free until Dems are able to stick America’s defenseless working people with the tab.

But suddenly we’re not quite as defenseless as we used to be:

Because, by the mercy of God, the bad guys didn’t win this election and have lost their power to direct events.

Learn to love the sound of brainwashed college students howling in the night. It is the sound of victory.

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  1. The mindset prominent with much of the education community is astoundingly idealistic. They don’t seem to understand that costs have to be taken into account and that money is not unlimited. Their “product” can only be measured by their internal standards and the fact that they are churning out people that can’t perform in the workplace seems to mean nothing to them. IMO, it’s broken from top to bottom.

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