Whye we warship Pressadint Obamma

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Well HA HA HA!! We has thunk up a prottest “now” that is goin to forse Donold Trump “to” stepp down and flea the contry!!!

Hear at Our Collidge we Has put up a stattue “of” Pressidint Obamma witch us Interllecturals we warship “Evty” day! and dont yiu “go saying” we has got “a” religon now becose Us Interllecturals we “know thare” isnt no sutch thing as God but Pressadint Obamma he “is” a Hire Being mutch Supreriar to ordrinay Humins and you wate and See “he” wil Live Fourevver! In fact he “is like” King Arther he is going to Come Back and be Our Pressadint agian when “the” contry It kneads him most!!!!

I has askd My prefesser if i Can be “a preest” of Pressidint Obamma’s stattue and then I wil eat Bugs and evry Day i wil Burn insents to him And chante them Holey words “Barrack Hoosine Obamma Mmm-Mmm-Mmm!! And the stattue It wil here me Chanting and it Wil “grohw” more Powerfull and make Big Mojoe and verry Soon “chace Donold” Trump clere Out of The Contry!!! and Then he wil Come Back to the Witehouse and aslo Hillary she wil Be The Goddass!

And it istnt No religon becose Pressadint Obamma he “is reel”!!!

And now i has got to deside waht Kind of Bugs to eate thay telll me Crickits thay go goood whith Jim Sox in sauce!

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    1. Accorse I know! He “was” King whenn the Sovites landed “on the” Moon! and he had “a” Round Tabel that was acturally squere.

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