Joe Collidge in Jale!

Image result for images of in jail monopoly square

I amb writing “this” in jale and ohboy am i uppset!

This here mourning in Gender Studies 202 thay teached us that a hole lot of Protest peple thay going to Moon that Trump Tawer “in” Chickago to make him re-lease his tax inframation! i did not know yiu had to lease your tackses but We al thinked “it” is a grate Idea “to” Moon Trump Tawer it wil make him “do” waht we Want and then he wil not “be” Pressidint no more and so We can “have” Hillery like she shuld of beeen Pressidint anyhow!

Wel of corse this Collidge is not in Chickago and we dont have no Trump Tawer ether but i stil wantted “to” Moon so as to Protest Donold trump so naturly i whent over to Our own Town Hall and i Mooned that Lollypop lady thay got out thare “on” the streat Corner becose she “looks” like she Voted for trump!!  Man was it cold! i jist abote Froze my Hynie offf!

And wuld yiu beleeve it?? Neckst thing i Know thare is Cops al over me! And thay went and Throwed me in jale! and thay didnt Lissen whan I toled them to Look on the Intranet and then thay Wuld see that we Interllecturals we has al “got” a Rihght to Moon anytime wee want, this Juggde in Mary Land he sayed Mooning is “a form of Artistic Expresion pretected by The Forst Amenment” ( ). Thare Is No Way i shuld get throwed in Jale for doing a Artistic Expresion!!! I mean thare is payinting and Scrulpture and Music and aslo Mooning!

Wel thay sayed i culd has One fone call so i “caled” my Prefesser and “he” come over and sayed he wuld ogranise A Prottest to get me Out “of” jale and so i givved him This assay yiu are Reeding now and it looks “like” i has got to spend To Night in this jale sell butt at leeast it Is warmer than My prefesser’s Tool Shedd!i gess i wuld be al rihght now exsept That Lollypop lady she come in And hit me on my Moth Antenners she is a Dirty fashist and a Biggit and that reely hurted me!!!

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