Today’s Hymn, ‘He Leadeth Me’

Here we are, back in Sunday school again. This one, He Leadeth Me, was in the hymnal that they gave us when they reckoned we weren’t just a lot of little kids anymore, and wanted to prepare us to go to church with the adults. I can still hear Mrs. Raleigh playing this on the piano while we sixth-graders, feeling very grown-up with our grown-up hymnals, sang.

3 comments on “Today’s Hymn, ‘He Leadeth Me’

  1. This is another of the long forgotten hymns brought back to mind. In the church of my childhood did not have a separate childrens’ church as most churches do today. We, from youngest age, were all included in all the adult classes and activities. I must say, kids behaved much better than the ones I see in contemporary settings. oh well.

  2. Here is another song suggestion if you like: Arise and Be Healed in the Name of Jesus. Maybe we all need this one just now.

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