The Battling ‘Roos of Suburbia

G’day, mate! Mr. Nature here, somewhere in the suburbs in Australia, just in time for an early-morning fight between two male kangaroos.

These guys can get up to eight feet tall when they stand on their hind legs; and with the sturdy tail available as a third leg, they can kick with both hind legs at once. Meanwhile, they punch and scratch with their clawed forepaws.

I don’t see anybody running outside to break this up.

Why did God make kangaroos so fierce?

He didn’t. It’s the fallen world that made them fierce. And anyway, the occasional ferocity of male kangaroos in mating season hardly holds a candle to the ferocity of human beings toward one another.

God is at work, even now, to restore His creation to its original state of purity. We wonder why it’s taking Him so long.

But I know one thing for sure: I’d rather He did it than us.

One comment on “The Battling ‘Roos of Suburbia”

  1. That was quite the spectacle. I had heard of such things, but never actually seen kangaroos boxing before. What an amazing animal to be so designed.
    I also took note of the neighborhood. At least in that little corner of Australia, the developers haven’t squeezed everyone onto postage stamp lots with a tiny fringe of grass passing for a lawn. It brought my mind back to the early seventies and the prosperity we used to take for granted, here in the US. I wonder if they need any crotchety old Data Comm engineers in Australia? 🙂

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