We Gonna Be Gods!

One thing you can say for Satan: he’s never left the building.

I have stumbled over a highly-touted book, Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, said to be on every  globalist big shot’s required reading list. It’s all about how “Our inheritors will be godlike” and achieve all sorts of neat stuff, like abolishing war and poverty and disease and getting eternal happiness, immortality, and lots of nookie (  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/15/books/review-homo-deus-yuval-noah-harari.html ). Yeah, yeah… they always say that. Ever since the Serpent told Eve, “Ye shall be as gods.”

It’s full of really smart-sounding quotes like, “The free individual is just a fictional tale concocted by an assembly of biochemical algorithms.” Y’know, I’ve heard that before. Rutgers Biology, 1969. A lecture about how total government control of every aspect of our lives–the government advised by infallible scientists, of course–is necessary, inevitable, and totally great. Someone asked, “But what about our freedom and individuality?” Answered our classroom instructor (the lecture was on CCTV), “Those are obsolete concepts that must be engineered out of the system.” She was really good at sticking dissecting needles through the heads of live frogs, but seemed to have no other talents.

But! says Yuval. But we gotta  be careful, ’cause just when we’re really getting into being gods, Artificial Intelligence will evolve to become smarter than we are and it will exterminate us.

Some of these guys, I don’t think they actually have to work with real computers and therefor have no idea at all of how unreliable and erratic computers are. And they seem to be getting worse instead of better. And common sense seems to be in short supply, too. The idea that a lot of sinful, wishful-thinking, sophomoric, ignorant, incompetent bullshit artists can grant us eternal life and happiness–I mean, really! Find someplace where they’re selling brain cells, and buy a few.

I’m so glad so many important people read books like this. Knowing that helps me to understand why they behave like immoral and psychotic numbskulls. Even the former occupant of the White House, President *Batteries Not Included, once recommended Homo Deus on TV. As seen on TV! It just doesn’t get more authoritative than that.

Lord, anytime you’re ready…

8 comments on “We Gonna Be Gods!

  1. Alas, alas, it doesn’t matter how stupid the idea is or whether the people implementing it even believe it … the point is POWER. It certainly worked during that unfortunate incident in Eden, didn’t it?

  2. Silly humans have been falling for this same lie since the Garden. Satan, himself, in his pride, actually believes he’s going to win – and so – at their great peril – do his followers.

  3. Technocracy is really just a new spin on the old utopian fantasies of creating a paradise on earth that led to the horrors of the 20th century. I wonder how many more will have die for such wishful thinking.

  4. It’s the same old lie, wrapped up in new packaging, but just as hollow as ever. There’s a lot to work with here, but I’m going to address one aspect of your comments, the promise of sex without consequence, which is never far from the minds of the liberal dreamers.

    Why can’t people see that sex without love and commitment can never be satisfying in the long run? I can understand that the youthful and inexperienced may think this to be desirable, but in the long run it is hollow and leads to frustration. I believe that immorality is the chief cause of the war between the sexes which seems to be raging at record levels, these days.

    Frank Abagnale, the real life person upon whom the movie Catch Me If You Can was based, in his own writings has expressed remorse for his actions and remarked upon how empty and unsatisfying his sexual adventures were. In fact, that whole crime spree was inextricably linked to his immoral pursuits.

    If the “sex without consequence” dream were ever fully achieved, we would end up with a world that was no happier and certainly with less stability and love. Consider our time in comparison with fifty years ago, it’s already happened.

    That is for the link, Linda. I’m missing a certain feline right now and according to my house sitter, she’s missing me too. Animal hugs are pretty important.

    1. You’ll both have a wonderful reunion when you get home 🙂 Priceless!

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