Bashin’ Fashion

I suppose I could be writing about world events, politics, or other Important News, instead of bothering with fashion. But some of these seemingly trivial things turn out, in the long run, to be more important than the big stuff.

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back.

One of the latest poison darts blown into our culture comes from Gucci, the fashion giant, with their Fall/Winter 2017 “fashion campaign,” aka “Gucci and Beyond” ( It seems to have been inspired by corny old science fiction movies and TV shows from the Star Trek era.

One of its centerpieces is models posing as women with blue skin and red lip gloss. Is this supposed to be beautiful? It’s only ugly. But then the whole point of humanist culture is to flee from everything that smacks of being human–hence their fanatical support for all things transgender.

True, high fashion has always had a streak of freakiness. Danny Kaye made fun of it, singing “I’m Anatole of Paris…and I hate women!” Mad Magazine had The Attack of the Fashion Model Zombies. There’s a lot about our whole pop culture that’s deep-down freaky–and we are not the better for it.

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  1. It could be they’re preparing us for ‘disclosure’ . After all, Pope Franky said we would ‘baptize our space brothers’.

  2. I dig what you’re saying — freaky indeed! Going deeper, when you note that pop culture seeks to destroy everything “human,” this fashion is part of the larger picture to erase holiness and God altogether.

    I admit I am bothered when my beloved (Christian) younger sister shares photos of herself with the “demon” Snapchat filter on. Why does she want to look like a demon to the internet world when the Holy Spirit of the Holy God dwells within? I get the creeps when I see her as a demon–and I think we’re “supposed” to feel wrong about it. Every time she posts her face as a demon on FB, I write under it, “Don’t be a demon.” I try to keep it light since she didn’t ask my opinion, but it grieves me anyway.

    Yesterday, I learned of a Japanese TV show that is shown here (internet anime craze) that encourages girls to dress up with satan horns and calls it Kawaii, “cute,” the same word they use for kittens and puppies, cute. It’s already here in USA, so I suspect we will see these horns for sale at our small town malls in the next decade (I’m in Small Town Alabama where NYC fashion arrives 10-15 years after, LOL).

    Link: “How Satanism Will Go MainStream – Kawaii Demons “

  3. All this just makes me want to say “beam me up, Scotty” like the kids did
    when they were watching star trek. This world is getting way too weird for this old woman.

    1. Let me know if it works, Erlene. I’ll be right behind you 🙂

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