‘Climate Change Been Very, Very Good to Me!’

If Godzilla were a shopaholic yuppie, even he probably couldn’t match Global Warming guru Al Gore’s carbon footprint.

Gore’s humble, 20-room mansion in the exclusive Belle Meade section of Nashville, according to public records, uses up enough energy in one year to supply an average American home for 21 years (http://www.climatedepot.com/2017/08/02/report-al-gores-home-energy-use-surges-up-to-34-times-the-national-average/). In the year 2016 alone he gulped down enough electricity for 34 average American homes. And last year he scarfed over 60,000 kilowatt hours just to heat his swimming pool–somehow the thought of him swimming is disquieting–enough juice for six average American homes for a year.

I wonder how many thousands, or even millions, of regular people it would take to match the energy consumption of even just the top few Climbit Change bigwigs–Gore, Kerry, Obama, et al.

I wonder why anybody in his right mind still finds any of this Global Warming BS even a little bit credible. Please take a good, hard look at how Gore and his private jet-owning buddies actually live. Do they act like they believe it? Would you believe a fitness guru if he was morbidly obese?

Still, you gotta give him credit: nobody milks scare tactics more profitably than Al Gore. He’s a kazillionaire because of it–and that’s not bad for some jidrool who flunked out of divinity school.


7 comments on “‘Climate Change Been Very, Very Good to Me!’

  1. People who actually believe these thieves are great examples of those who ‘stand for nothing and fall for anything’.

  2. Of course the global elites can’t be expected to live by the same standards they have set by set for us mere mortal beings. To them we are just resources to be managed.

    1. Yes, Watchman. They call that phase of their plan ‘Sustainable Development’.

  3. If the general population ever pays enough attention to the facts and are no longer fooled by this nonsense, there could be some serious backlash.

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