Tare down Them Moniumints!

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Prefesser Ginder in the Gay Studdies Deptt she give A fantatstic Speach yeasterday and she “got us”al worked Up!! It was al abote How Gay peple and Trans peple and Muslins and peple From mexxico thay was fownding Americka but them Rushins thay hacked “it” and it Started “the” Sivvle War! I thinked i knowed al abote “the Civvle War” it was the War that “had” M*A*S*H** in it butt i didnt know it was How Wite peple it is OK to hat them thay tuck over And “that is” how Americka it got turned in-to the Evil roten cuontry that it “is” now!!! and she sayed we got to make Socile Jutstis by taring Down all them Canfedret moniumints that Wite peple thay putt “up” to keeep Slavry! and she sayed we got To “be” carfull becose the Town aruond the Collidge it is ful of Knotsies!!! there is, like,yknow, ten Thowsend Knostsies in it!!!

And than i amb sorry “to” say somme of Us we got “in” trubble becose we runned out to reck them Canfedret moniumints rihght hear On Campas and the pressadint of the Collidge he got so mad at us!! And he piked up “a ” Bull Horn and he yelled At us “Yiu stopid idjits yiu puled down The ” wrong Statchues! Wel we made a missteak and we did pulll down the Wrong ones, “yiu damfools, thoze was the Statchues of Lennon and Casstro and Marks and Magrat Sannger!!! Like “we” was So imbarasssed!!! and now we got “to” Putt them up agin! and the Collidge pressadint he yeled At Us some more becose it turns out thare Isnt no Canfedret Statchues hear On Campas!

So now we got To put Up some Canfedret Statchue jist so we Can tare it Down agin! We didnt know Who to Make it a Statchue of, like, witch Canfedret it auhght To Be but Finely we “setled” on a Statchue of some guy his name was Ritcherd Simmons or somthing Like that! and the Monny it has got to come Out Of the Stodent Playdoh Fund!

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  1. It would seem that your antenners aren’t working, Joe, or you would’ve been alerted that you were attacking the wrong statues. Rewriting history must be a lot of fun for you libs. They’re doing this all over the world so you’re not alone in your ‘wisdom’. History is like a box of chocolates (I think Forrest Gump’s mother said something like that first) – poke holes in them all till you find the one you want.

  2. “History is like a box of chocolates (I think Forrest Gump’s mother said something like that first) – poke holes in them all till you find the one you want.”

    I think you summed it up quite well.

  3. What a mess this country is in. I would like to say things are getting better, but I just don’t see it. There’s a lot I could say, but the Christian concept of forgiveness and forgetting about the past are what these people need the most.

  4. I see an opportunity here for a new start-up company, i.e., manufacturing statues that rioters can put up to replace the ones they’ve torn down, so they can have the joy of tearing them down again. Of course, the statue demolition fad won’t last forever, just until the shock value wears off and the next destructive fad comes along, but in the meantime, someone could make a pile of money …. oops, that sounds sooo capitalistic, doesn’t it? And we all know that these Social Justice Warriors are pure-minded altruists who have taken a vow of poverty, work hard for a living, and give all they have to the poor. (I wonder how much their outfits, transportation, and weapons cost, and where they go to collect the money from George Soros?)

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