Cats & Dogs Who Understand Technology

Here are some cats and dogs (and one bird) who have come to terms with machines and doo-dads designed by and for humans. You’d swear they fully understand what a telephone is for. My cat Henry used to scold me if I didn’t promptly answer the phone when it rang. It’s amazing how well our pets adapt to a human-centered world–better than some of us, eh?

2 comments on “Cats & Dogs Who Understand Technology

  1. They seem more adept than I am 🙂 The cat that answered the phone reminded me of my daughter’s dog who answered the phone when I called her house. He heard my voice on the answering machine, picked up the phone and brought it to my daughter lol

  2. The phone-answering cat was pretty funny.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mix drones and pets. Those whirling propellers could cause a laceration if a pet lunged at the drone.

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