Busted! For Not Selling Booze to Child

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A store owner in Fungus, New Jersey, has been charged with a hate crime for refusing to sell liquor to a 12-year-old boy who self-identifies as an adult.

Rodney Gesundheit, proprietor of Rod’s Adult Beverages, was arrested by Fungus police after the child signed a complaint. The case has been referred to New Jersey’s Supreme Human Rights Thing, where Mr. Gesundheit is expected to be sentenced to 400 months of sensitivity training.

“Whatever you say you are, that’s what you are!” explained SHRT Commissioner Mordred Drivel. “Except if you self-identify as innocent, of course. We’ve learned the hard way not to get beat by that cop-out.”

Fungus Township Prosecutor Lucy Goosey said, “We had him coming and going. If he’d sold the liquor to a minor, we’d have prosecuted him for that!”

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    2. Amen, Ezekiel. I can’t find a single place in Scripture where we are exhorted to use beads to pray, and I’ve not found one telling us to pray to Mary for intercession either.

    3. Now, now… Protestants have their own denominational customs that can’t be found in Scripture. So did the Jews of Jesus’ time. It seems we can’t help making things up and attaching them to our religion. Somewhere in my archives is an article about “Christian cage fighting.” You won’t find that in the Bible. In another church, somewhere out in the Heartland, the pastor rode a bucking bull as part of the service.

      I confess I don’t understand praying to Mary or to saints. I’ve asked Catholic friends and family members about it, but never got an answer that enlightened me.

    4. Not that I’m trying to wimp out on you, folks, but I don’t want to see Christians fighting Christians–not when the Lord has so richly endowed us with enemies “out there.”

    5. I sure didn’t think anyone was fighting, Lee. I’m neither a Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Evangelical, Fundamentalist (all titles with doctrine somehow attached) – I was raised Catholic, left the church a 18 when I left home, flailed around in the world for many years, and landed on my feet through grace alone as a Christian without denomination.

      If my comment was somehow misunderstood, or mean-spirited, please accept my apology.

      Jesus is Lord of all!

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